Saturday, August 19, 2006

My computer 'kena' virus attack again

My computer 'kena' virus attack again

I don't know who create virus ?

why there want create virus ?

because there want become famaous ?

because of bizness ?

Is that create by the antivirus company ?

So everybody must buy their product !

I really hate this type of virus

I spent few days to fix it

and it cause my hardisk failure

and my document losses

So i really hate virus

That's why I never use any antivirus software!

Monday, August 07, 2006

RM10, 000 to who want marry Orang Asli

Last week I saw one article

Regarding the offer from Kelantan State to who want to marry the Orang asli

RM10, 000 per person and RM1, 000 per month

So attractive the offer

The purpose the state government is to …………

So they hope the all Malaysian become all …………

So when our government to offer to who want marry Chinese or Indian?

Is it the offer must better than offer from Kelantan state government?

I waiting for that!!!

Newspaper must telling the good things

Our Information Minister,Datuk Zainuddin Maidin telling the media to tone down reports on crime!!!

He said the media should not try to create too much sensation or glorify news too the extent the extent of getting people excited and involved in crime!!!

So all the newspaper telling the good things

Whole Malaysia is very peaceful without any crime

That’s why all the Malaysian likes to live in Malaysia

Malaysia boooooooleh!!!

some pic taken at Thailand

Hatyai City

Hatyai Temple

Hatyai massage center