Monday, January 22, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ivan the new generation of Chan


Ivan was Chan son ( chan is my best friend )

Ivan was 3 years old

He was very cute (some times lah )

He got two very small eyes

So when he looks at you

You will felt him look like very hum sup! Hehe!

See ! He looking at you now.hum sup or not ! hehe !







He interested in all the electrical electronic appliances

He even can’t sleep without holding a plug dog or some electronics things

May be he was born to become a wireman

Cause his father and grandfather also was a wireman









Last 2 weeks

We go to Pangkor Island together

And this is the first time he seen the Sea

At the beginning

He was very scared

See…. He looks like very scared…..

But after he plays sometimes with his mother…

He already not afraid it

And wanna go into sea himself….

Look very brave leh…

Even we stop him for few times

But he still insists to play in the water.

See…we already try to stoooop him…
Still insist to play in the water…










After we play few hours there

Before we go back

We take some photo

And this is the best photo of the trip

The best photograph of the VMY2007…hehe!

Welcome to Malaysia

to see Malaysia apa pun boleh

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Wedding Dinner

Wedding Dinner

Tomorrow is my friend wedding day.

Siow mei (my friend name) wishes your 白头偕老( love forever )

To attend the dinner.

I need to go back to my home town (Pahang)

Which I need to take 3 hours to go back

I already 8 months didn’t go back

After this time I will back on CNY.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island

Actually I just back from Pulau Pankor

I still remember I went there 7 years ago

But surprisingly I found out

There didn’t have any new development in this island

Everything’s in the island are the same

Buildings and landscaping are the same

No upgrading or new buildings!!!

Since year 2007 are VMY

Why they didn’t do something to attract tourist!

Why they didn’t beautified the island

Why they didn’t develop the island properly

How are we going to attract tourist in this VMY ???


I think this is becoz….

The state governments don’t have any “niat” to develop this island

Becoz this island majority are Chinese.

Online interruption

Since earthquake happen in Taiwan

I didn’t blog anything’s

Because I heard that Asia are affected

The DSL lines are very slow and some event can’t online

And if you wanna blog a picture

It takes an hour to upload the picture

This is due to Asia depending to US technology

Or maybe this is because our technology still behind

Or maybe this is business strategy by US

Any breakdown must help by them

Any upgraded must look for them.