Thursday, May 25, 2006

up again

Electricity up by 12%

Petrol up, electricity up but salary still maintain and may be cut pay

Petrol up, electricity up will affect everything up

Food, material, transport and etc

Who suffer?

Since TNB loosing money

Why he don’t follow MAS to apply MSS

Spent few million or billion to ‘cut cost’

Since TNB guys normally one man work but 4 mans look

So please follow MAS lah

Car stolen

Car stolen

I got two friends using “Kembara”

Both of the car was stolen

One was happen half year ago

One was happen today afternoon

I was thinking what happen in Malaysia

Is that no safety in Malaysia?

Is that a lot of people cannot “cari makan” in Malaysia?

Is that our police officer or government lazy or… ?

So what can we do?

We become police officer or government!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Yesterday I talk about management

Today I will talk about retrenchment

My boss retrenches some workers on year 1997

The balance of workers than cut paid 20%

All workers must voluntary sign up cut paid letter

This happen because of whole world in economy crisis

This year

My boss may be will retrenches some workers

The balance of workers will be cut paid

This internal information are heard from a very senior manager

This is due to our projects stop work and slows down

What I thinking is

If worker was retrenched,

Does our boss pay the worker according to labour law?

The worker who cut paid

Is that labour law protecting them?

May be I still don’t know about labour law

May be this is labour law in Malaysia

Which law to protecting bosses!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ha Ha ! I want post 2 blogs today so this week I already achieved what I promise.

I work in a listed company.
Our boss we called him Datuk.
Our boss has a lot of workers.
A lot of Managerer, Engineers, Accountant and etc.
But what the problem is
Our management system was very bad.
Until sometimes I don’t even know report to whom!
And what is my scope of work?

Sometimes I will very free
Sometimes I will very very busy
A lot of projects I need to handle
And normally these projects must handle by few workers
But only I handle it

I don’t mind handling too much works
But sometimes some problem will occur
But I don’t know where I can get help
Refer to whom

May be this is management in Malaysia

So,Chan ! since you are mastering in management
I hope one day you will change whole management system in Malaysia
Keep it up friend!

Malaysian Education

Starting from today I will post at least twice a week.

This is my promise

Malaysian Education

Today is a very free day for me because my girl friend gone out look for friend.

So I will be very free. Yesterday, I have a tea with Chan and David.

We talk about Education in Malaysia.

We all agreed that regarding the Government hired the graduated student from our university but jobless until now to become teacher in our school are not a good idea.

If you children are in that school! Your children future will in trouble.

Think that they are graduate from our Very Good University but until now they still jobless, so how they going to teach your children?

If your children then graduate from The University also, how is their standard?

How they found a proper job?

Is this education in Malaysia

If government insist to do that,

Malaysia education will drop until lowest level.

Believe me!

Monday, May 15, 2006

First Time

First Time

Every one's have their first time
first time falling in Luv
first time Kissing
first time getting a Job
first time getting Salary
and first time.....

Tis is my first time to
having a blog
having a place tat i can write somethings to share
having a place tat i can spent my time in writing

First time giving me some fresh air
First time giving me a very good feel
First time giving me energy
First time giving us to know each other

So Thanks for the first time !