Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Chinese shouldn't have Christian names

Why Chinese shouldn't have Christian names

Try reading in Mandarin:

Anne Chang-Dirty

Anne Chin- Keep quiet

Faye Chen- Dusty

Jane Tan- Frying eggs

Henry Mah- Hate your mum

Paul Chan- Bankrupt

Nelson Tan- Bird laying eggs

Try reading in Hokkien:

Carl Cheng- Buttock

Monica Cheng- Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow- You are dead

Lucy Seow - You are mad

Suzie Leow- Lose (money) till death

Corrine Tai- Poor fellow

Carmen Tng- Leg hair long

Rosie Teng- Screws and nails

Pete Tsai- Nose droppings

Try reading in Cantonese:

Macy Koh- Never die before

Lynn Tai - Big breast

Faith Chee - Fat pig

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